What is lighting without main light?
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What is no main light design?

Before the main light scheme became popular

Households generally have one room and one lamp to meet the lighting needs

This kind of scheme is often called the main light scheme

But this kind of lighting design without main light

It’s not a new style

Between 1995-2005

Hong Kong’s "Hong Kong Style Luxury Style"

Decoration style landed in Guangdong

And go all the way north, sweeping the country

Compared with traditional main lighting

No main light lighting design

Abandon the single big chandelier

Replace with light strips, downlights, spotlights, floor lamps and other lamps

Combination of multiple light sources

Can achieve visual extension

At the same time, create the light and shadow atmosphere of the home

Make the whole space look no longer single

More layered, very stylish

A simple picture to illustrate the difference between the two

"The difference between the main light in each space"

The difference between the main light in the living room

▲The space with the main light is bright as a whole, but the style and life scene 

cannot be switched. The space without the main light is dark as a whole,

 but the lighting changes in each area can be controlled as needed

The difference between whether the restaurant has the main light

The restaurant with the main light can almost achieve no blind spot lighting, 

but it cannot emphasize the part. In the restaurant without the main light, 

each part can be designed according to needs.To achieve the integration 

of multiple life scenes, the dining table chandelier can highlight the dining 

area and promote appetite, and the cabinet spotlights highlight the operating 

area to prevent people from blocking the blind spots caused by ceiling lighting.

The difference between the bedroom with or without the main light

The difference between whether there is a main light or not is 

particularly obvious in the bedroom. In other words, the main 

light in the bedroom is basically retired. In many cases, the main 

light is designed to satisfy the decorative effect.The main lighting 

will affect the quality of sleep and can only be turned off, and the 

dark state of the whole house seriously affects the lighting experience. 

For example, the wife is resting, and the husband still needs to read a 

book, then a desk lamp or reading chandelier can solve this problem

So what are the benefits of lighting without a main light?

For small rooms

Use a ceiling light/chandelier as the main lighting

Is the easiest and direct way

But if the function is more complicated

And the larger space is not enough

 Let's imagine

When you are reading, watching TV, chatting, eating

There is only a ceiling lamp above your head that "covers" you

Is it a bit lonely and boring?

At this time, use no main lighting

Divide and combine downlights according to different usage scenarios

Switch the corresponding lighting mode to create a more appropriate lighting atmosphere

Another aspect

The main light only provides basic lighting for the room

If you add a painting

Need additional spotlights to light up separately

As a result, there will be more lights on the ceiling

We need to match the shape of the lamps

Otherwise it will look messy and not aesthetic

For lighting without a main light, a grid is laid in advance.

In the grid, you can freely assign and change the positions of downlights and spotlights of the same model

Even if you change the layout of furniture and decorations

The lighting can also be adjusted accordingly

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